A 18 billion-RUB greenhouse complex will appear in the Voronezh region

The agroindustrial holding “ECO-Culture” intends to build a greenhouse complex for cultivation of vegetables with the investment value as of 18 billion RUB in the Voronezh region by 2020, as the regional government informed on Thursday.

The agroindustrial holding “ECO-Culture” represents a group of companies specializing in vegetable cultivation and deliveries. The holding includes two greenhouse facilities in the Stavropol Territory, a vegetable packing shop, distribution centres in the Stavropol territory and in Moscow, the division for the balanced supply of public catering enterprises and a production-logistic company in Moscow. The basic crops cultivated at the enterprise are cucumbers and tomatoes.

On Thursday, 8 September, Alexey Gordeyev, Governor of the Voronezh region, has met the initiator of “APH ECO-Culture” Andrey Petrenko and the initiator and Chairman of the Board of “APH ECO-culture” Alexander Rudakov. The meeting attendees discussed the opportunity for implementation of the investment project for the construction of the Greenhouse complex Voronezhsky in Bobrovsky area.

“In compliance with the project blueprint, it’s planned to build 6 units of multispan greenhouses with capacity of 45 thousand tons of tomatoes per year. The approximate project implementation period is 2018-2020. The total amount of investment is estimated at 18 billion RUB”, — as it is informed.

The projected area of vegetable greenhouses will amount to 60 ha. The company intends to produce vegetables “significantly exceeding taste and health properties of the imported products”. “To carry out this task, the breakthrough production technologies are introduced, experienced specialists are involved and optimal logistic schemes are developed”, — as the regional government notes.

As a result of the meeting, Gordeyev has assigned to analyse the project details and prepare its feasibility study.

Source: RIA Novosti