A greenhouse boom bears first fruit

The greenhouse boom outburst after the introduction of food embargo has started to bear first fruit. And this is in literal sense – reported by the Ministry of Agriculture, by the late September, over 472 thsd. tons of greenhouse vegetables are gathered in Russia. It 19% exceeds the last year results. The effect is evident.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are growing better in Russian greenhouses than any other crops. Almost 333 thsd. tons of cucumbers are already harvested. Last year there were 26 thsd. tons less of them. Tomato yield amounts to 125,4 thsd. tons. To compare, in 2015 there were only 79,5 thsd. tons of tomatoes. The share of other crops totals to 13,5 thsd. tons (last year – 8,4 thsd. tons).

Thus, foreign agrarians left without the Russian market suffer significant loss because of the sanctions. For instance, Turkish farmers have lost 150 mln USD because of the president’s policy. The key importer of vegetables and fruit to Russia has been the Turkish province Antalya, whose share was earlier 2/3 of Turkish exports in total, – has reduced deliveries by 91%. However, it is too early to get too excited. According to experts, launch of new projects does not let resolve the problem of Russia’s vegetable self-sufficiency at full. Larger investments in the industry are needed for that.

Source: Argumenti nedeli