Armenia: How a tomato greenhouse became a leading rose grower

Ecotomato, the 20 hectare high tech rose greenhouse in Armenia, has plans to invest $30 million in another 15 hectare expansion. This was announced by the Arka News Agency which reported Armeninan prime minister Laren Karapetyan’s visit to the grower last Wednesday.

Ecotomato is a high end rose grower that exports 80% of its production to nearby markets in Russia, Belarus and Georgia. Their production is estimated at 22 million stems this year.
The company’s name refers to its initial plan to grow tomatoes. During the design and construction period, the customer saw better opportunities in the cultivation of roses. It decided to change its course and equip the greenhouse for roses instead of tomato crops.
Today, Ecotomato is a leading supplier of roses in their region and has plans to extend its exports to new markets like the UAE, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. The company employs about 200 people, and the new expansion will create another 200-something jobs.

Source: Hortidaily