Construction of a greenhouse started in Cherepovets

Today, the construction site has been inspected by Yuri Kuzin, Head of Cherepovets.

Builders will start driving piles next week, and equipment installation will start in early June. As reported by Director of the investment company Sergey Stolbov, works run to plan.

“In early June we will start to deliver equipment, which is now at Dutch supplier’s depot. We intend to cultivate up to 5 k tpa of vegetables annually, majorly tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. We hope to collect the first yield this year, and the sale priority will be given to local retail chains, with partial shipment to the regions”, — as Sergey Stolbov explained.

Dutch specialists will set up the production. It is planned to hire 160 employees, recruitment to start in June, with ex-employees of Ovoshchnoy topping the list.

“Many Ovoshchnoy employees would like to work in the specialty, so we urge to review them as employment applicants. This is a major investment project, and the city is interested in its success. It was supported by the Investment Agency, and hereafter we are ready to get involved, and assist in responding to challenges”, — Yuri Kuzin concluded.

The project cost totals to 2.3 bln RUB. The investor intends to build similar facilities in other Russian regions, as reported by Oksana Andreyeva, Director of Urban Development Agency and Cherepovets Investment Agency.

“Similar facility in Novotroitsk is under construction along, while in Cherepovets the construction started earlier. The investor is earnest, apt to claim the status of PDA resident, —Oksana Andreyeva says. — In addition to the greenhouse complex, we have selected 19 projects more, which will receive a status of PDA resident. The priority is given to production, but there are also projects in the field of tourism, sports and recreation”.

Source: Cherepovets official website