Greenhouse Technology builds a greenhouse

Moscow company will launch a complex in Gukovo.

Moscow company will launch a complex in Gukovo.

“Ъ-Yug” News Agency informs, that Greenhouse Technology initiates the construction of a greenhouse complex with the expected output as of 24k tonnes of vegetables in Gukovo. Project investments are estimated at 6.5bn RUB. The commissioning is scheduled for 2019. According to estimates, project payback period is 7-8 years. The prospects of the project are favourable due to the shortage of modern greenhouses in Russia.

Greenhouse Technology Company intends to launch the greenhouse called “Grinhaus” in 2019 in Gukovo. Company’s representative informs that the construction is scheduled for Autumn on the area of 25 ha. The projected output of the complex is 24k tonnes of vegetables per annum (tomatoes, cucumbers, green crops). Investments are estimated at 6.5bn RUB.

The media service of the Rostov region government informed previously that the complex would be built within Gukovo accelerated growth territory. Sigma Capital was the first to launch the project, but company’s managing board dropped the plan because of lack of energy resources. Initially, the required capacity was 44 MW, while the existing power grid was able to provide just 30 MW.

Mikhail Glushkov, Executive Director of National Fruit and Vegetable Union, evaluated project payback period to be 7-8 years. He also highlights that Greenhouse Technology is an experienced investor in the field of greenhouse construction.

“The company owns several greenhouses under operation in the Moscow region and Tyumen. Moreover, it plans to implement the construction in Bryansk and Pskov. The noteworthy advantage of the project in Rostov is its location. It is implemented within accelerated growth territory, it means there is no need to invest in utilities: electricity, gas”, says the expert.

As reported by Mikhail Glushkov, the overall greenhouse area in Russia is approx. 2.2k ha, while the required area is 3.5k ha. The expert adds that the bulk of greenhouses in Russia are outdated with the low yield index not exceeding 25-30 kg per square meter, in contrast with cutting edge greenhouses with the yield of about 100 kg per square meter. “Currently, Russia accounts for just 300 ha of new greenhouses. Due to this fact, the project initiated by Greenhouse Technology will be demanded”, says Mr. Glushkov. The complex will become the largest in the Don region. Last August “Greenhouse Growth Technology” started the construction of Donskaya Usadba complex. The area of future greenhouses will amount to 19 ha; investment is estimated at 5bn RUB.

According to SPARK-Interfax, Greenhouse Technology was founded in 2007. The owners are Iosif Beraya and Vladimir Tsanava. In 2016, company’s turnover amounted to 4.8bn RUB.

Source: „Ъ-Yug“