Iran expresses interest to the construction of tomato paste plant in Armenia

Iranian companies are interested in the development of agricultural relations with Armenia, as reported by the decision-makers of branch companies to Ignatiy Arakelyan, Minister of Agriculture of Armenia, during the meeting held earlier.

In particular, they announced the intension to establish the tomato processing plant in Armenia, aimed for export to the EU. The entrepreneurs have also added that they expect support from the republican Ministry of Agriculture in this context. They also announced the intension to sign the agreements on tomato production with the Armenian farmers.

As reported by the media office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Igantiy Arakelyan offered support to Iranian businessmen in the context of tomato processing and tomato paste production. As for the local seed varieties, the Minister has suggested Iranian partners’ collaboration with non-commercial Research Center of vegetables, vines and technical crops, and other R&D centers under the Ministry of Agriculture. The Minister has also proposed to present the business programme containing all offers and activities.

The meeting also featured the discussion of projects for the greenhouse structures manufacturing, and other agricultural facilities in Armenia.

Source: ArmInfo