Lipetsk region is ranked the first among vegetable producers in the Central Federal District

About 17k tonnes of vegetables were grown in the Lipetsk region since early 2017. As was informed by IA Regnum, the region now is ranked the first in the Central federal district and the forth in Russia.
According to the data of Agriculture Administration of the Lipetsk region, 2016 resulted in the output of 165k tonnes of vegetables., including 26.3k tonnes of greenhouse origin.
As of today, the Lipetsk region accounts for 3 major greenhouse companies – in Lipetsk, Dankovsky and Eletsky districts. The area of greenhouses totals approx. 43.3 ha, and by the end of 2017, new greenhouses will be commissioned in Usmansky district, thus covering the total area of 90 ha. Krasninsky district will be also engaged in the construction of greenhouses in 2018. Besides, over 200 ha of greenhouses are scheduled for the construction by 2020. Expected output of vegetables will reach 194k tonnes annually.
All the greenhouse complexes have contracts with retail chains thus ensuring the supply to the net stores of the Lipetsk and other regions.
Cultivation of protected ground vegetables is set to be a priority of agriculture development in the region.
“It is very promising, because shortly the region can become one of the lead producers of greenhouse vegetables in Russia. We successfully follow import substitution programme set by the Russian President,” explain Oleg Korolev, Head of the Regional Administration.
Source: IA REGNUM.