LipetskAgro has finished the construction of the forth phase of a greenhouse facility totalling to 11,6 bln RUB

LipetskAgro will officially launch the forth phase of a greenhouse facility in Dankovsky area of the Lipetsk region within days, in which 11,6 bln Rub will be invested, as was informed by Liubov Kharlamova, Director of a greenhouse complex.Reported by her, the investment amount in the construction totals to 3 bln RUB. The forth phase greenhouses as of 10,6 ha will produce 20 thsd. tons of cucumbers per year.

At present, LipetskAgro greenhouses occupy 34 ha. It enables production of 40 thd. Tons of cucumbers and 12 thsd. tomatoes per year.
«Next year, we intend to build the fifth phase, which will represent 10 ha of protected ground and produce approximately 20 thsd. tons of vegetables annually», – Ms. Kharlamova added.
As a reminder, the fifth generation UltraClima greenhouses in the Lipetsk region are built by the «Greeninvest’s» subsidiary, «Yelets vegetables», and «Ovoshchi Chernozemya». One facility is targeted for 40 thsd. tons of vegetables annual output, another – for 54 thsd. tons.
LipetskAgro was registered in 2013. The company is included into «GreenIvest», owned by Maxim Sokolov and Dmitry Lashin.