New greenhouse facilities are launched in Kazakhstan

The greenhouse industry of the Mangistau region is developing vigorously. Cultivation of local vegetables is especially relevant for the region with 80% of products imported from the neighbouring regions and countries. A total of 300+ greenhouses are operating across the region, including the one in Akshukur village of the Tupkaragansky area with a projected area size of 3 ha, which is not yet accomplished.

The year-round sunny weather and dry winter allow applying lighter and more cost-saving greenhouse structures in Mangistau, and consume far less energy for heating and lighting, as each vegetable requires adequate humidity and temperature. The greenhouse microclimate is created by means of special materials and air conditioning.

The yield of vegetables in this greenhouse accounts for 1.5 tpd. A total of 50 t of yield was harvested since the start of the greenhouse complex. The cucumbers grown here are local, but the seeds are Dutch, Israeli, and Spanish.

The crops are irrigated with water from the artesian well. It is clarified and filtered in the special basin, with nutrition mixture added and further supplied via pipes to the greenhouse. The cucumbers are watered by drip irrigation, and cultivated on the basis of unique method.

– Hydroponics is a crop cultivation technique based on artificial medium without soil. This method is certainly more expensive than open ground cultivation. However, it results in the eco-friendly product, – as reported by Temirbek Bekebaev, Manager of the greenhouse complex.

These cucumbers are already sold on the local marketplace. It is expected to plant strawberries, bell peppers, lettuce, and three tomato varieties here soon. The first harvest will be gathered shortly before winter. Now there are 12 local residents employed in the greenhouse. But after the construction is finished, 100 new employment opportunities will be created.

Source: Tumba