Plans to build a greenhouse complex on landfill site after its revegetation

A new greenhouse shall be built in Lybertsy on the site of solid waste landfill Torbeevo after its closing and revegetation in 2020, as reported by the Head of Lybertsy municipal district Vladimir Ruzhitsky. “It could take several years to revegetate the site. It depends on the project, which should be approved the authority, local public hearings, undergo state ecological appraisal, be approved by the government of the Moscow region. We will strive the revegetation to be carried out only with clean soil”, said Mr Ruzhitsky.

He recalled, the landfill has been operating since 1994, and by 2020 it will be closed, because its capacity will be fulfilled. It is planned to develop a special project for its revegetation.

According to Ruzhitsky, the company that currently manages the landfill, is making shift towards the safety technological cycle.