Plans to build one more block of greenhouses in sovkhoz “Teplichniy”

Sovkhoz “Teplichiy” has published a request on the official website of Federal Acquisition Regulations to receive the list of offers to have the right for the construction and acquisition of equipment for a block of greenhouses №2 with a total area of 3.89 ha. Initial price of the contract is 32 mio. 650k RUB.
This is the second stage of construction. The first stage of greenhouses is commissioned successfully. For now, the sovhkoz’s goal is to expand a greenhouse block and occupy 4.07 ha.
Building and installation works are listed in technical specifications. At first, it is required to dismantle ten greenhouses and interconnecting passage, then, to build a perimeter foundation and carcassing with small-window ventilation. Secondly, it is planned to install a soakage system indoor, roof and perimeter glazing, heating system, etc. In conclusion, it is planned to set a finished plan of area utilization, laying of anti-root cloth, flour and pathways concrete pouring, installation of hanging trays for plant cultivation and installation of espaliers. Besides, the working schedule includes linking the heating system of the greenhouse to the heating mains, specified by the sovhkoz.

Source: News-Agency