Russia records 42.2% increase in greenhouse vegetable yield

Production of greenhouse vegetables showed a 42.2% rise within the period of early 2017 – 5 June.

Gross vegetable yield in greenhouses totalled 357 thousand tonnes – the figure is better understood through comparison – the same period last year resulted in the production of 251 thousand tonnes. As stated by the Ministry of Agriculture, the largest share is occupied by greenhouse cucumber – 270.2k tonnes, tomatoes – 80.8k tonnes. Other vegetable crops account for 6k tonnes.

In total, 160 ha of winter greenhouses are scheduled for construction and modernisation. It is expected to result in the expansion of vegetable production by 120k tonnes and reach the amount of 930k tonnes per year, states the media-service of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Thus, the government expects 14.75% growth of greenhouse vegetable production by the end of the year. Last year the annual vegetable growth was 14.6%.

Source: IA