Russian greenhouse areas experience steady growth

After a long-lasting reduction, starting from the 2000s, the Russian protected ground areas have been experiencing stable support. According to the cut flower market study report, prepared by GLOBAL REACH CONSULTING (GRC) within the framework of flower cultivation greenhouse business plan development, the country’s protected ground area size totalled 2018 ha in 2015. As follows from the programme of the Ministry of Agriculture for keeping up and developing greenhouse areas, the Russia’s protected ground area by 2020 will reach 4700 ha.

The majority of greenhouses are obsolete and worn-out, requiring instant reconstruction and capital repair. The greenhouses are upgraded quite slowly. In 2013 (at first since 1986), the positive dynamics was registered: the newly introduced greenhouse area ranged 120 ha, exceeding the volume of the replaced ones. The trend held in 2014-2015. In 2014 over 300 ha of greenhouses were built in Russia, while 2015 resulted in the greenhouse area size as of 6 ha.

The greenhouse industry revival has lead to the area structure modification. Thus, while in 2009, the old greenhouse complexes accounted for at least 82% of the total area, 13% for the reconstructed and only 5% for the new investment projects, in 2014-2015 the share of the new projects has reached 34%.

source: RBC. Market Research