Saratov region is getting ready to supplant imported vegetables

Cultivation of greenhouse vegetables is of strategic importance in the Saratov region. That was stated by Acting Governor Valeriy Radaev on 21 March during the presentation of a regional agroindustrial complex in Krasny Kut.
According to Valeriy Radaev, the region is not only engaged in new greenhouse construction, but also in modernisation. In the last 5 years, the area of greenhouse complex increased by more than 40% and currently equals 113 ha. Besides, agricultural producers continue to improve capacities by using cutting-edge technologies. For example, supplementary lighting was introduced in Balakovskiy district. It ensures the yield growth by almost 3 times.
“Just last year we built 4 modern greenhouse complexes, which were equipped with advanced technologies. It allowed us to meet regulatory demand for greenhouse vegetables. Next step – growth of supply to other regions and getting advantages to compete with imported products”. –Valeriy Radaev concluded.

Source: Region 64