Sergey Vainstein’s company will build a greenhouse complex in the Kurgan region

Chirilovo Agrocomplex, owned by the businessman from Chelyabinsk Sergey Vainstein, has plans to build a greenhouse complex in Martynovka settlement of Safakulevsky district. According to the data of Kurgan investment portal, the volume of investments will amount to approx. 2.7bn RUB. The commissioning of Martynovsky complex is scheduled for Q3 2018.

Churilovo Agrocomplex is developing its assets by the construction of the facility in the neighbouring region. According to the information delivered by the Marketing Director Artem Geruld to “Yuzhny Ural”, the draft of a new greenhouse husbandry is underway. Total area of the projected complex is 12.5 ha. The establishment of a year-round production will involve 250 employees. Modern interplanting technology (combined cultivation of young and old crops in one greenhouse), as well as supplementary lighting and drip irrigation will be applied for the cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, and green crops.

Co-founder of the Churilovo Agrocomples is “Sportcomplex Ural”, a company, which is also owned by Sergey Vainstein (90%) and his father Evgeny Vainstein (10%). The company is the Urals’ largest producer of vegetables and leafy crops in greenhouses. Now it is engaged in the construction of the agroindustrial park in Ust-Katav (Chelyabinsk region), which includes a winter greenhouse complex on the area of 25 ha, spring greenhouses – 60 ha, and a logistic and distribution centre. Besides, according to the news agency “Yuzhny Ural”, Churilovo managing board is now under negotiations with Rosselkhozbank regarding the acquisition of bulk share of the company “Utinaya Ferma”.

As it was indicated in the presentation of the investment project, after the commissioning, it is planned to produce over 8k tonnes of vegetables. The project also provides for the construction of a block of winter multi-layer greenhouses, covering the area of 10 ha, and an administration building with a

service zone, warehouse for finished products, power station with boilers and gas engine generators, gas and water supply systems. . As it was indicated on the news portal, 20% of funds are own, another 80% – a loan (project financing).

To implement the project, Churilovo founded a subsidiary – Martynovsky agrocomplex, which is registered in Chelyabinsk. In the late June, the subsidiary announced a tender for the construction of a power facility with energy and heat supply systems and CO2 production in a volume of at least 800kg/h. Starting price, offered by the ordering company is 800 mio. RUB. The contractor will be selected on 10 July.

According to the chairman of the “Opory Rossii” committee for AIC of the Chelyabinsk branch Evgeniy Fomin, the investor has all the chances to occupy a significant market share in the Kurgan region. “Even if the market has been already occupied, the key factor here is competition. The technologies applied in the agrocomplex ensure the production at affordable price. That means that the products are demanded, as it is observed in the Chelyabinsk region”, says the expert.

Source: Kommersant