Teplitsy Belogorya modernises 20 ha of greenhouses

One of the major greenhouse complex of the Belgorod region “Teplitsy Belogorya” modernises its production facilities. 20 ha of greenhouses will be updated. That was reported by the general director of the company Anatoly Tarasov. “The reimbursement of 20% expenses is a wonderful thing for us”, says Mr. Tarasov. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, a total of 119m RUB will be allocated to “Teplitsy Belogorya.

Consumers need access to a wide food assortment all year round. Some Russian cities approach to the European and American consumption pattern, when there is a wide choice of vegetables every day, says Tamara Reshetnikova, General Director, Growth Technologies. “To make it possible, it is required to establish a large number of complexes with photoculture. Unfortunately, the number of 3gen facilities and small greenhouses is much greater”. As it is noted by Ivan Nikolayev, Vice-President, ATON, now we observe the reduction of outdated facilities, because new greenhouses are more viable, enabling greater yield with less expenses. In the coming 5-7 years, we expect a rapid development of the industry”.

Outdated facilities are not energy-saving; seasonality also is an obstacle, adds Tamara Reshetnikova. According to Mr. Tarasov, high value of energy resources influences on the prime cost of the products. To cut the price of greenhouse vegetables, it is required to reduce the cost of electricity. To address the bottleneck, the managing board of “Teplitsy Belogorya” decided to commission in-house power generating station. Now the cost of 1 kW amounts to 2 RUB, if compared with 3-4 RUB as it was previously.

The project has been implementing since 2013. The growing plants include several varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, aubergines. “Unlike European greenhouses, specializing in only one or few varieties of a vegetable, we are to focus on various vegetables,” says Mr. Tarasov, “For us it is necessary to adapt to the market demand”.

Project payback period exceeds 7 years. The profit made last year amounted to 900m RUB, including 400m RUB loan. Mr. Tarasov outlines, that is almost half of the revenue! But still, banks do not grant loans on different terms”. The company plans to expand the production: additional 6 ha of greenhouses will be built in the nearest time.

Source: Agroinvestor