The 1st stage of champignon production will be launched in “Uzlovaya”

The launch of the 1st stage of champignon production facility is scheduled for 2017. That was reported by the General Director of AgroGrib Andrey Chigin during his official meeting with the Governor of the Tula region Alexey Dyumin and the residents of Uzlovaya special economic zone.

Chigin recalled that the project would enable the production of up to 24k tonnes of fresh mushrooms, i.e. ¼ of Russia’s fresh mushroom market.

Overall investment is estimated at 6.2bn RUB; the project will provide 919 work places. According to the company’s Director, the construction involves 80 citizens of Uzlovaya and Novomoskovsk. He also said that the proximity of cities gives the opportunity to apply local citizens.

The products will be distributed in the Central federal district. The market of the Tula region will also be provided with fresh products. Besides, it is also planned to construct a sort facility. The chaff left after mushrooms are cultivated can be used on the fields to enhance the quality of soil. This cheap and simple type of fertilizer is used all around the world. The company has already agreed on this issue with local farmers.

Kamo Avagumyan, Founder of AgroGrib, recalled his visit in Tula in 2016. After negotiating with Alexey Dyumin, it was decided to implement the project in the Tula region, despite previous agreements on the construction of the complex in Moscow and Yaroslavl regions.

– I have a lot of projects across Russia, but here everything is going fast and easy. The construction of this greenhouse complex enables to secure food safety of the country”, said Kamo Avagumyan.

Source: Tulskaya sluzhba novostei