The AIC investments will experience a trillion RUB growth till 2020 – Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The AIC investments will experience a trillion RUB growth till 2020, as informed by the Ministry of Agriculture referring to the expert estimates. “The overall amount of industry investments totals to 1,5 trn. RUB. There are reasons to suppose that up to 2020 the investment amount will  increase by 1 trn. RUB more”, – as noted in the report of Alexander Tkachev, Minister of Agriculture of Russia. As A. Tkachev emphasized, there are hundreds of investment projects initiated in the country.

The investors are interested not only in livestock breeding, but also in greenhouse vegetable production, orchard and vineyard start. “In the 2 recent years alone we have selected and subsidized approximately 500 investment projects at almost 300 bln. RUB of credit funds. According to experts’ estimates, as a result of the last year, investing in agriculture has turned out one of the most profitable investment projects”, – he said. Among the nearest future priorities, as Tkachev noted, will be the agri-food market infrastructure development, food and processing industry upgrade, farming and small business pattern development, agricultural export support and adoption of climatic risk reduction strategic measures (reclamation support, hectare support modifications).