The greenhouse areas will be doubled in the Stavropol territory by 2020

The authorities of the Stavropol Territory intend to double the areas for protected-ground vegetable cultivation from 127 ha up to 280 ha by 2020. It was announced at the regional meeting of the government by Vladimir Sitnikov, Minister of regional agriculture.
“Currently we have 127 ha for cultivating protected-ground vegetables, by 2020, we anticipate to reach 280-300 ha. Till the end of 2016 it is planned to accomplich construction of “Ovoshchi Stavropolya” greenhouse’ third phase, moreover, four large-scale projects for protected-ground cultivation of vegetables have been launched – Solnechniy Dar, Dolina Solntsa, Vostochniy agrocomplex, Andropovsky greenhouse complex – the overall area of these facilities amounts to 97 ha”, – he said.

Reported by the Ministry of Agriculture, in the last three years, the greenhouse areas have doubled in the Stavropol Territory. It enabled to gather 35.4 tons of protected-ground vegetables in 2015 (30% more than in 2014).

According to Sitnikov, 9 major investment projects were accomplished in the regional AIC in 2016: 5 livestock breeding complexes, three fruit storages and one vegetable storage. The overall amount of investments during the whole project implementation period is 12,8 bln RUB, over 800 employment opportunities were created.