The Head of the Dagestan Republic took part in gala opening of the greenhouse “Agro-AS”

Ramazan Abdulatipov noted that the Republic is actively involved in greenhouse production of vegetables.
“In the last 4 years, the greenhouse production multiplied by almost several times. This is a priority area in our agroindustrial complex. Now we have a goal to work towards achieving the best results among Russia’s regions in the production of protected-ground vegetables within 5-year period. In general, we have favourable conditions: laborious and hard-working people, good climate. It is necessary to point out, that nation which stops producing does not have future. If a child is employed in the family, he is already well-bred, because work makes us considerable.
Within the last 4 years, much work has been accomplished in Dagestan. In particular, we are ranked the 1st in Russia according to industrial production growth rate. Nevertheless, we are to do a lot more to make the life of people comfortable. I wish the project to take rightful place in the economy of the Republic”. – stated Mr. Abdulatipov.
Besides, the Republic’s Head highlighted, that all the activities accomplished by the regional authorities should be aimed at life quality improvements of the citizens; the officials must do their best to provide a competitive salary. “This is one of our priority goals, set by the President Vladimir Putin before State government bodies”. – concluded Ramazan Abdulatipov.

The head of Novolakskiy districts, Magomedgaji Aydiyev informed, that within the framework of priority projects for the development of Dagestan, 10 investment agreements have been signed totalling more than 2 bln. RUB. “It will provide about 1000 working places. Besides, there are prearrangements with Turkish investors on cultivation of cucumbers, tomatoes and flowers; it will provide supplementary 500 working places. Going forward, we intend to continue working on the issue, the Republic’s authorities support is evident”, – pointed the Head.
The awarding ceremony was held then. For the contribution to economic development of the Dagestan Republic, the expression of gratitude was expressed to the founder of “Agro-As” Abdusamad Lagiyev. The Republic’s Head awarded the General Director of “Agro-As” Vagab Shirinov with engraved watch.
It is important to note, that the agroindustrial complex is a key sector of the Republic’s economy. In recent years, the positive changes were noted, which are also connected with the implementation of project management mechanism “Efficient agroindustrial complex”. The preliminary assessment of agricultural development in 2016 testifies a sustainable growth in economy, increase in investment attraction of the region, enhancement of economic and financial state of agricultural producers.
One of the key focus areas of agricultural production, including import substitution issues, is the promotion of protected ground vegetable production. Greenhouse production ensures yielding capacities higher than open-ground cultivation, regardless of climatic conditions.
That’s exactly why the Nation address of the Head of the Dagestan Republic to the Public assembly included the goal to reach a leadership position among greenhouse producers.
Currently, greenhouse vegetable production is developing steadily. The production gain is represented by large greenhouse complexes and small-scale greenhouses. The Republic’s greenhouse area amounts to 182.6 ha, 40 ha of which were introduced in 2016.

At year-end 2016, greenhouse production volume totalled 13.8k tonnes, if to be compared with 2012, when the production volume amounted to slightly more than 600 tonnes. It means, that in a 4-year period the sector experienced 25 fold increase.

Source: Official website of the Head, Dagestan Republic