The state support of investors building greenhouses grows in Russia. The Ministry of Agriculture plans to increase the collection of greenhouse vegetables by 90% in 5 years

The intensified construction of greenhouse complexes in the Russian Federation has become particularly relevant after introducing retaliatory sanctions. The government began to pay more attention to the industry and to increase subsidies for the costs of building new greenhouses.
During 2015 Russia cultivated 700 thousand tons of greenhouse vegetables in protected ground, that is 4% more than in 2014. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation has quite ambitious plans for the next five years, namely, to achieve growth in harvesting as of 1 million tons.

The task is political: within five years the production of greenhouse vegetables should increase and 90% “satisfy” the demand with the domestic production, “- said Alexander Tkachev, the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation in April.
According to him, currently in the country 170 greenhouses are in progress of construction with an investment amount of about 24 billion rubles. “But this will enable production of only additional 100 thousand tons of vegetables, and we need an additional 1 million tons. If we keep this pace, we’ll get that million ten years later. It is not good enough for me”, – stressed the Minister.
To do this in the next five years, Russia will have to acquire about 2 thousand hectares of new greenhouses. Alexander Tkachev estimated the investments in these areas at 200 billion rubles.
He also said that the amount of subsidies on a return of capital costs to build greenhouses in 2016 will amount to 3 billion rubles. To compare, it was 1 billion rubles last year. In 2017, it will be 5-6 billion rubles, as the minister suggested.