Tomato production hit a record

The Ministry of Agriculture announced spectacular yield index. In June 2017, the greenhouse vegetable yield grew 36% if compared with the previous year.

As of 27 June 2017, gross output of greenhouse vegetables reached the volume of 433.5k tonnes, including 325k tonnes of cucumbers, 101k tonnes of tomatoes, and 6.9k tonnes of other crops.

Neither figure tells anything before realising: annual tomato yield growth amounted to 58%, cucumbers – 33%. It is worth to mention contribution made by Bashkortostan. Tatarstan and Karachay-Cherkessia. Each region showed harvested 23.5-25 k tonnes. The Lipetsk and Volgograd region resulted in 15k tonnes each.

It is interesting to know that the agriculture analysts were also impressed by the index. A year ago, nobody would predict this vegetable yield burst. So far, the one thing is clear – the producers achieved the results due to the state support measures. This year 240bn RUB were allocated to support agricultural settlements, including 50bn RUB for the development of horticulture. Just compare: support offered to the livestock breeders amounted to 30bn RUB.

It is worth to mention that in 2017, a total of 200 ha of new vegetable greenhouses were built in Russia. According to the draft, it will increase annual yield by 120k tonnes and set a record of 930k tonnes annually. The incredible vegetable production boom was promoted by the large-scale programme for the construction of modern warehouses. Last year, the government allocated 3bn RUB for this purpose. By 2020, it is planned to spend 21bn RUB on the construction of vegetable warehouses and commercial greenhouses. The fund enables the construction of over 30 giant centres for winter vegetable storage with the total capacity of 3.5m tonnes across Russia.

Source: Argumenty Nedeli