Vasiliy Golubev launched the project for construction of a greenhouse complex totalling to 5 bln. RUB

Today, on 9 September, Vasiliy Golubev, Governor, kicked off the implementation of the large-scale project from the «governor’s hundred», laying a symbolic foundation stone of the perspective greenhouse complex «Donskaya Usadba» in the Tarasov area.

The first phase of the major Don’s projects is intended to be commissioned in the third quarter of 2017, second – till the end of 2018. The projected capacity is estimated at 19 ha, the investment value amounts to 5 billion RUB. As a result, 350 employment opportunities will be created.

Start of the greenhouse complex construction is an important step to product security of the region and country in general, as Vasiliy Golubev is confident.

The memorandum of «Donskaya Usadba» project implementation was signed at the international exhibition «Golden Autumn-2012» approved by D.A.Medvedev, Prime Minister, as the head of the region emphasized.

The efforts for the project implementation started to grow after the new investor has been involved. «Greenhouse growth technologies» has experience in construction of the large-scale greenhouses, it has commissioned the facilities in Moscow and Tyumen region, while now the greenhouse complexes of Astrakhan and Saratov Region are in progress.

Cooperation between the authorities and investors will enable prompt and efficient implementation of the project, as Governor thinks.

«Our task is to provide the investment project with the infrastructure and personnel. Its successful implementation will be a great contribution to the Rostov Region’s investment project collecting box. According to updated information, the investment amount to Rostov region’s economy in 2015 totalled 309 billion RUB, including the field of AIC – 29 bln. RUB», – as Vasiliy Golubev said.

Don’s greenhouse industry further development prospects have been discussed later at the Governor’s session in the Tarasov area.

In particular, another major greenhouse complex investment project as of 11,9 ha in the Oktiabrsk area. The investment amount in project implementation is estimated at 2,4 bln. RUB.

Source: Press office of Governor of the Rostov Region