Viktor Smylgin’s company has obtained permission to build the greenhouse facility for champignon cultivation

The Agency for Architecture, Urban Development and Long-term Growth at Government of the Kaliningrad region has issued the permit for Selkhozbalt to build the champignon greenhouse complex. The document will be valid before 29 November 2018.

The area as of 107.9 k sqm will be occupied by the one-storey greenhouse with administration and amenity quarters (8.5 k sqm), machinery warehouse (440.9 sqm) and boiler house (147.8 sqm). The exact location of site is not defined in the permit registry.

According to USRLE, the founder of Selkhozbalt registered in Sovetsk, is Rusinvest (owned by Anna Gavrilkina) from Belgorod. Since 8 February 2017, company’s CEO is Viktor Smylgin, former Mayor of Sovetsk and regional government VP, Ex-Director of Kaliningradmeliovodkhoz.