Volgograd region promotes vegetable production to meet at least 80% of vegetable demand in the region

The figure was announced by the deputy governor Mikhail Glazkov, who inspected the process of field cultivation in one of the high-tech facilities of the Vologda region. This year, affected by unfavourable weather conditions, spring sowing campaign was delayed.
According to Mikhail Glazkov, the region set a specialized strategy for the development of vegetable production in the Vologda region to meet at least 80% of total demand in vegetables.
“Currently, local companies cover about 40-45% of total demand in vegetables in the region. It is not an easy thing to compete with southern regions and imported products, but we are ready to address the issue of food security. In my point of view, 70-80% is our goal for the nearest 2-3 years,” says Mikhail Glazkov, “We have unpleasant experience with a bankrupt company “Ovoschnoy” in Cherepovetsk district. This year we initiated another project for the construction of a greenhouse. I expect, that the main facility will be built by autumn and the first vegetables will be produced by the end of the year. The first cultivated crop is lettuce, so the citizens of Cherepovets will have the opportunity to taste it.”
In 2016, total cultivated area in the Vologda region amounted to 373k ha. According to the set programme, it is planned to expand the area by up to 390k ha. The land will be occupied by potato and vegetables, 6k ha – flax, approx. 232k ha – forage and 131k ha of grain crops.
Source: Online Vologda