“Vyborgec” will invest 3 billion RUB in mushroom complex

Agriholding “Vyborgec” will build a mushroom complex for champignon cultivation. Project investments are estimated at 3 billion RUB, a part of fund will be borrowed.
As reported by “Delovoy Petersburg”, the area of the complex will amount to 2 ha. It is planned to harvest up to 10k tonnes of champignons per year.
The project will be implemented in 3 stages. The commissioning of the first one is scheduled for the beginning of 2018. The expenses are planned to be covered within 7 year period.
As was reported previously by “Kommersant-Saint-Petersburg”, Sperbank provided a 2.2 billion loan for greenhouse refurbishment. This greenhouse will be utilized for green crops and tomato cultivation on the territory of 11 ha. The launch is expected in December 2017.

The data of “SPARK-Interfax” reveal that “Vyborgec” Company is jointly owned by Aleksandr Zaklyopkin (charter capital share – 48.7%), Elena Sablina (48.07%) and Nikolay Kuritsyn (0.01%).
In 2015, the company net profit was 153 mio. RUB, net sale revenue – 1,78 billion RUB, gross profit -–909 million RUB, assets – 4 billion RUB.

Source: Kommersant