New Head of Minagri


Vice Prime Minister for Agriculture Alexey Gordeev introduced the new minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev. “We have much to be done. I assure you we will do our best to retain agriculture production rates”, said the new head of Minagri. Among crucial missions of the agroindustrial complex he named the necessity to ensure country’s food… Read more

The harvest of greenhouse tomatoes is beyond all expectations


Greenhouse vegetable yield in January-April rose by 30% versus the same period last year, informs Minari. As of early May, the yield has exceeded 283k tonnes versus 218k tonnes collected last year, including cucumbers – 217k tonnes (22%), tomatoes – 61k tonnes (66%). The production of other vegetables grew by 28% and amounted to 5k… Read more

Moscow localities became the leading producer of greenhouse vegetables


Moscow localities took the leadership in the production of greenhouse vegetables among Russian regions. That was reported by the media-service of the regional ministry of agriculture. According to Andrey Razin, Ministerial head, the region is now ranked the second. The first is the Krasnodar territory. The greenhouse croppage in Moscow localities totalled 18k tonnes. The… Read more

A new greenhouse for year-round cultivation of vegetables commissioned in the Krasnodar territory on the premises of Eysky Agrosoyuz


The agri-cooperative facility “Eysky Agrosoyuz”, located in the Kopanskaya settlement, is one of the most successful agricultural enterprises in Kuban. The Head of Eysky district Yury Kelembet has visited the facility to see the operation of this new year-round greenhouse complex. The first 2 greenhouses have been put into operation. They are fitted with modern… Read more

Russia increased its quarter export of agri-produce by 25% – up to $4.7bn


The export volume of agri-produce totalled $4.7bn in Q1 2018, informs Russia’s Minagri. The annual growth rate amounted to 25.9%. The main export products are grain crops, fish and seafood, as well as fat and oil products and confectionary. Export of chocolate products rose by 45% – up to 29k tonnes, if expressed in monetary… Read more

Greenhouse Growth Technology purchased Donskoy greenhouse complex


One of the Russia’s leading greenhouse producers Greenhouse Growth Technology (GGT), owned by Sergey Rukin, is now the owner of Donskoy greenhouse complex. This entity intended to build a 9-billion RUB complex in the Russian South. The projected capacity was estimated at 30k tonnes of vegetables annually. At present, prior to the completion of greenhouse… Read more

1.2 trillion RUB have been channelled to support agriculture over the last 6 years


Over 1.2 trillion RUB have been channelled from the federal budget to support agro-industrial complex, said Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister in an annual address at the State Duma. According to him, it is through state support the production of food grew 20% since 2012, record harvests are noted, the dependence of import decreased. “This remarkable… Read more

242bn RUB will be channelled to support Russian agriculture in 2018


“Since 2000 export of farming produce has grown 15-fold and amounted to 20bn RUB in 2017”, announced Ivan Lebedev, Deputy Minister of Agriculture. He summarized the results of 2017 farmer’s year and informed about state measures aimed at supporting agriculture. This year the agriculture industry will be bolstered with 242bn RUB. Mr. Lebedev informed about… Read more

Vladimir Putin draws attention to growth in agriculture sector


According to the Russian President, who delivered a speech before signing the general contract between Russian government, labour union, and employers for 2018-2020, the period of recession has passed. Economic sectors, including Russian agro-industrial complex are on the rise. It should be maintained and the economy is to be driven to sustainable growth path to… Read more

Russia increased greenhouse vegetable yield by 17%


A total of 952.6k tonnes of greenhouse vegetables were harvested in Russia in 2017, illustrating 17% growth compared with last year´s figures, informs the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. “In 2017, gross greenhouse vegetables yield totalled 952.6k tonnes. That is 17% more than in 2016 (813.6k tonnes) and 34.1% more than in 2015 (709.8 k… Read more