The government of Kurgan region reimburses 100% of expenses on the construction of a greenhouse complex

Kurgan region Government will indemnify the 100% expenses on engineering survey: geodesic, geologic, and ecological on the construction site in Martynovka village, located in the Safakulevsky district. The information was delivered by the first deputy governor of the Kurgan region Sergey Pugin during the meeting dedicated to project implementation.

Sergey Pugin informed that a 44-ha site, selected for the construction of Martynovsky agrocomplex, has been already included in the registry-list and is fully owned by the greenhouse company. The managing board agreed on energy and water supply sources, prepared documents and found investment for the construction of approach roads.
Sergey Pugin acknowledged with gratitude the support of Viktor Zubkov, chairman of the Gazprom board of directors, who helped to ensure gas supply.
Russian Ministry of Agriculture approved the provision of concessional loan which would bolster the construction of Martynovsky agrocomplex. After the commissioning of the greenhouse, the company will apply for the reimbursement of 20% of expenses incurred.

Sergey Pugin also stated that the region is ready to provide the required infrastructure for personnel, employed by the agrocomplex.

Viktor Zubkov highlighted that the similar meeting with potential investors and heads of rural areas was held in May. “The region has a good potential: industry, fertile soil, but the main thing is, of course, hard-working people. Gazprom Company assists the region in gasification and provision of utilities to implement potential projects. We see a feedback from entrepreneurs, who decided to run their business here. Future success depends on all those who are present here”.

To conclude the meeting, Alexey Kokorin, head of Trans-Ural region expressed his gratitude to Gazprom for the assistance in investment attraction: “Owing to Gazprom, we managed to initiate the construction of a greenhouse complex. That is very important. We are interested in other production activities, which will further be launched in the region. We are ready to cooperate. We are interested in the attraction of investment in the Kurgan region”.

After the meeting, the Government representative and the investor have signed an agreement, regulating the construction of Martynovsky agrocomplex. According to it, the construction of the greenhouse complex, covering the area of 12.5 ha, will be implemented on the cooperation basis.

Source: IA Svetich