Leaders debates: Government, investors, project initiators, agriholdings. Finance and investment climate

Sought-after на established! Production intensification, cost optimization and reduction, cutting-edge “intelligent agriculture” technologies,case-studies delivered by the industry leaders and a lot more

Special economy keynote: current sector status and forecasts!

Presentation of 60+ investment projects with 2019-2022 implementation period from Central and Volga Federal districts

Tailor-made sessions on livestock breeding and horticulture, processing, storage, and distribution

Innovations – fast and efficient! Roadshow and extended showcase of innovative technologies and equipment

Specialized exhibition of technologies and equipment delivered by the world leaders from the Netherlands, Israel, South Korea, Spain, Poland, France and Russia

Dedicated sessions: Livestock breeding and crop farming, storage and processing, product distribution


Special economy keynote: current sector status and forecasts!


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